Company profile

PL Europainting  is the company which is specialized in KTL and powder painting since 10 yearsa

Company profile

PL Europainting paints metal parts supplied by manufacturers that require or choose the e-coat (ktl) paint process. Due to outstanding corrosion resistance properties many manufacturers are requiring such surface treatment.


PL Europainting  provides eco-friendly and cost-effective coating solutions to the customers in Poland and abroad which meet quality requirements of the most automotive OEMs.

PL Europainting located in Tychy, southern Poland, just 50 km away from Polish Czech/Slovakia border, less than 20 km away from cross road A1-A4  is one of the Polish industry leaders in protective coating applications on metal parts.

On the area of 10 000 sq. m the company is equipped with flow coating e-coating line and two powder booths. 
We use high quality chemistry for pretreatment produced by Chemetall and paint Powercron® 6200 HE produced by PPG.

We specialize in both small and large parts which often require specific masking or racking to eliminate defects caused by part construction.

From the production associates to the management board, all the personnel at PL Europainting work hard to make sure every part is painted to premium quality in the most efficient way and ready for delivery on time.

Our continuous self-improvement, flexibility and customer orientation are the key to achieving customer satisfaction and growing a strong business.


The company offers the service of cataphoretic (KTL) coating.

Many years of experience in painting and established position in the market provides services even in case of complicated components.

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Wa are perfectly situated in Silesia / Poland. Near main country highways A1 and A4.

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PL Europainting Sp. z .o.o.

Murarska 5
43-100 Tychy

+48 32 733 85 53