Electrocoat is an organic coating method to protect metallic parts from corrosion.


Paint is applied by electrical current which deposits onto a part or assembled product. The process consist in immersion of metallic part in a water - based solution containing a paint emulsion.  Paint ions in the solution have a positive charge. When the parts are immersed into the bath, paint migrates t the whole parts surface.

The paint ions lose electrons and deposits at the metallic parts surface as solid paint. The coating thickness is regulated by the applied voltage. In a cathodic electro deposition system, the electrical system requires a sub-system which is, the anolyte system that, is used to control the pH of the paint bath. It is equipped by a pump, anode plates that are encased in an anolyte cell and a conductivity meter.

The function of anolyte is to conduct the charge from the anode to the paint and to carry away the acid generated in the anode cell into the anolyte tank.

Integrated steps of the process are degreasing, rinsing, activation, phosphating and passivation.

1. Activation

Activation step is needed before Zn phosphate treatment its function is to allow crystals creation of fine−crystalline zinc phosphate coatings, particularly on degreased surfaces by an alkaline cleaner. Proper activated the surface guarantees an uniform coating phosphate, appropriate size of crystals and  mass of the coating.

2.Tri cationic phosphating

Zinc phosphate is an inorganic chemical compound used as a corrosion resistant coating on metal surfaces either as part of an ED Coating process. The  phosphate process produces an hard, electrically non-conducting surface, coating that adheres tightly to the underlying metal. This layer protects the metal from corrosion and improves the adhesion to paint. The basic phosphate process consists in an etching reaction and formation of the surface coating.

3. Passivation

Passivation is the next step after the last water rinsing bath. The aim of the process is the seal inaccurate phosphate coatings produced by incorporating zirconium ions in a shell. This process improves the corrosion resistances of treated metal surfaces which are to be painted or electrostatically powder coated.


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