Our laboratory is equipped with the most advanced devices to control main process and product parameters.


The process control covers both surface preparation and paint process.

Chemical analyses allow us to manage the process to meet the most restrictive corrosive protection requirements.

Thanks to the control of key parameters and analysis by SPC methodology we guarantee the stable process to achieve required surface treatment and paint properties.

All supervision steps in the laboratory are fully documented and visualized in X-MR Charts to keep the process under control.

Among the laboratory’s equipment there is a chamber for cyclic corrosion test with adjustable humidity that allow us to carry out corrosion test in accordance with numerous standards GMW 14872, DBL 7391, VDA 621-415, VW PV-1210, ISO 11997-1, ISO 9227, BMW AA-0224 etc.

We poses certified personnel operating in the laboratory.


The company offers the service of cataphoretic (KTL) coating.

Many years of experience in painting and established position in the market provides services even in case of complicated components.

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