• We set targets with relation to operational safety, quality and environmental topics and monitor the results.
  • A zero-defect-philosophy is a key element of our quality policy.
  • We commit ourselves to continuous improvement of all our processes and systems for producing coatings of outstanding quality.
  • Using the pFMEA guidelines we assess, analyse and minimise failures at the process planning phase.
  • We utilize APQP and other common automotive standards (Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma) to live up to ever growing Customer requirements.
  • We ensure compliance with all legal and Customer Specific Requirements.
  • The Customer needs are always in focus. We accomplish this by supporting them with which they really need and accompany them during the entire process with our experience, our expertise and a totally open communication.
  • We offer control process customized to customer’s individual needs (CSR).
  • Our COPs include:
  • Design & Development (painting tools)
  • Order Management (order entry and fulfillment, forecasting, Demand Planning)
  • Production (manufacturing & testing)
  • Invoicing








The company offers the service of cataphoretic (KTL) coating.

Many years of experience in painting and established position in the market provides services even in case of complicated components.

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Wa are perfectly situated in Silesia / Poland. Near main country highways A1 and A4.

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PL Europainting Sp. z .o.o.

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